29 May 2006

Pool, but NO shower!

We went swimming today for the first time in almost a year. All Duncan was worried about was the showers; he hates showers. I promised him that he wouldn’t have a shower.

‘No shower?’ he asks.
I answer, ‘no shower’.
He confirms, ‘no wash hair?’
‘No wash hair,’ I respond.
No hair wash?’
‘No hair wash.’
No shampoo?’
‘No shampoo.’
No wet hair?’
‘No wet hair.’ I say.

He’s happy that he’s covered all the possible permutations now and decides he does want to go swimming. We have the same conversation every bath time.

We had a great time. Duncan had a huge grin on his face the whole time. He jumped and splashed and asked us to chase him and had me sing the ‘Tots TV’ song and was so happy. Thomas is so much more cautious than the other 2 children in the water. He moved slowly and carefully, taking little, tiny jumps. Lady has always been a dare-devil and is so keen to go swimming more often. This will definitely have to be a new family tradition.


amanda said...

WE have that conversation too!

Elder Faery said...

I like your new blog format! It's really comfy like sitting in a nice sofa with cosy pillows! I know the thing also..not about shower and swimming but about other things. For Willow, right now it is important that I do not request that he takes clothes on. He shall always have one sock on (seriously) a pair of shorts....and maybe his sisters barbie T-shirt. I'm not allowed to get involved. Normally he is naked...as is Ash...I can't be bothered...that's the way they end up no matter how many times i get them dressed, they are normally naked and just running around the garden..*sigh*

Sharon said...

Hi Amanda and Elder Faery
Thanks for leaving the first ever comments on my new blog...I am not alone!
EF, I'm laughing thinking of your 2 little bare arsed boys running round your garden!
Duncan likes to let the air at his botttom half quite often, but he's so into dressing up right now that he usually has something on.

Bonnie Ventura said...

Hi Sharon, I'm glad you have a new blog on the Hub. That makes it much easier to keep up with your posts!

I wonder if it's the wet hair or the shampoo that bothers Duncan the most? Some kids are very sensitive to shampoo fragrances or afraid of getting it in their eyes. My son is 16 and still uses a very mild shampoo for kids.

Maybe Duncan would like showers better if you took him shopping and let him choose his own shampoo? When my son was little, he always wanted to buy the baby shampoo with the Disney characters on the cap. He collected the caps for years, until they discontinued his favorite, the Winnie-the-Pooh heads. He still has Winnie heads lined up all over his bathtub. I think he'll be sad about leaving them behind when he goes away to college!

Sharon said...

Hi Bonnie
I don't think he's concerned by shampoo fragrances as he has played with shampoo and liquid soap in the bathroom sink so often. It's the hair rinsing that bothers him. I don't usually bother with shampoo, we just keep his hair quite short and rub his head gently with a flannel in the bath. I also comb it weekly with a nit comb ever since we had a lice outbreak. Interestingly, Duncan had the lightest infestation which cleared up the soonest.

Maybe your son will have to hide all his Winnie heads in a sock or something and take them along with him to college!