7 May 2006

Lady makes the grade

Lady graded in Ju-Jitsu yesterday. She’s now a white belt. We’re very proud of her and she’s very happy herself and tells me it’s the 1st step to getting her black belt! It’s the first time she’s had any kid of outside formal assessment.

It’s been a lovely day and we’ve just played about in the garden. The trampoline was a great purchase. They spend hours on it (and I like having a bounce every so often too!). I would love to grow some vegetables this year. I went food shopping last night with Lady and spent too much money, but at least we have loads of nice fresh food to keep us going. (I made our 1st Greek salad of 2006 for lunch; sunny days make me crave salad.) It was hard last week when Gordon was away for 4 days at a conference. Duncan was going on and on (and on…) about that toy he wants and I knew it would be a disaster to take him to the shop when he had it on his mind so much. I considered asking my Dad to come over to look after them for a while so I could dash out and get what we needed, but Duncan would have been so cross if I’d not come home with what he wanted. He asked me to draw a series of pictures, identical to those I drew when we went to Italy to explain what would be happening. He is using this method now to describe what he wants to happen!

Anyway. I managed to buy a Zeebad on ebay so I hope it comes soon. I’ve really heard enough about that now!

As I was writing, Duncan opened the big window in our dining area which is at the front of our house. He then stood half-way out on the window sill and when I turned to call him inside, I saw that he was peeing out the window. I wonder if any of the neighbours noticed that one?! (He broke a TV once by climbing on its back; he liked to watch the screen by hanging over it and looking at it upside-down, and while in this position, he peed and it broke with a fizzle and a pop. It was fun telling the home-insurance people what had happened, ‘ah, my 3 year old son urinated on the back of the TV’, hmmm. They paid up though!)


auntie c said...

Congratulations Lady on your new belt. I’m so proud of you honey! I’ll have to be very careful when I see you now that you don’t hurt me. Get your Daddy or Mummy to send me some pictures of you in your suit (sorry I don’t know the proper name).

hazel said...

Well done Lady! You must be very proud of yourself. Go Girl!

jules said...

Excellent work Lady, well done you!

elderfairy said...

LOL about the weeing. Willow peed into a video twice before it bust..I really don’t know why. And once when he was about 4, we looked out into the garden and right in the middle of our massive lawn, totally exposed to all the neighbours we saw him crouch down and do a ‘Number 2′ there and then. Then he just ran off happily to play. We were speechless. Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go!