28 May 2006

Deep discussions and mouse tails.

On Saturday morning Thomas joined us in bed for his morning cuddle and chat. He started talking again about how he was going to get older and then he would die. Then he surprised us with by discussing his own theory of re-incarnation; ‘when I am dead, I will be a baby again and then I start to grow all over again and get old again.’ It’s funny to think about what’s going on in that wee head of his.

Duncan decided to dress up as Mickey Mouse. He went up to his room and returned a few minutes later having removed all his clothes and replaced them with a nifty pair of red underpants and a navy blue t-shirt. I was not even aware at first that he was in costume, but he explained matters to me soon enough and he sought my assistance with the finishing touches; a strip was cut from a black bin liner and stuck to his pants, voila, a tail! Then I had to stick 2 white buttons to the front of his pants in just the right place. He then added a pair of white gloves and he was looking good, or so he thought as he preened in front of the mirror.

Duncan informed me this morning that he wanted some soup. ‘What kind of soup’, I asked, ‘brown soup, Snow White soup’. Now I get it! He’s been watching the Disney Snow White video a lot recently, and obviously the 7 dwarves make the brown soup Snow White prepares look so appetising! He had his wish granted at lunch time today. His Grandma joined us for lunch. All 3 children ran up to great her and kiss her when she arrived, which was a much nicer incident than when she last came round for Sunday lunch. Gordon cooked a beef stew with chocho. There’s a woman selling Caribbean food in St George’s market now, isn’t that amazing. Bless multiculturalism, making this place better. The food was delicious and Duncan wanted to try the ‘brown soup’, so he did. He didn’t have much but I do love to see him trying more foods.

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