15 May 2006

Catching up

Long time, no post.
I’m trying to remember the significant events of the past week.

The best thing is that we have Gordon’s Jamaican cousin staying with us for a long weekend. It’s great having more family around. Lady and Thomas love her and she’s so good and sits chatting with them for ages and playing snakes and ladders with Thomas. Duncan merely tolerates other people staying here.

We’ve split up to take her out to various tourist attractions. Duncan has stayed at home with either Gordon or me except when they all went for a long walk to the local beach. Yesterday everyone had a nice time; I went with the boys to a friend’s birthday party while the others went to Carrickfergus Castle. They were well impressed with the castle and joined us at the party later for some good food and company, our kind of party!
Today, I’m staying at home with the boys while Gordon drives with the girls to the Giant’s Causeway. It’s a wet, miserable kind of day so they’ll be seeing it in its natural state!

I took Thomas to see the GP on Friday. We had a long wait around due to a mix-up by the receptionist, but Thomas was busy playing with a little boy then a little girl. He chatted away to her and to her mother and found out all he could about them. They were so cute together, especially when she took him by the hands and started dancing around and singing with him. He was happy to play along; after all, she was only 3! I managed to let her Mum know about home-ed too, she was interested especially as her daughter has Down Syndrome and it’s good to know there’s an alternative to fighting the system to get an appropriate education for your special child.

So we saw the GP and Thomas had 2 vaccinations; 2nd MMR and a Meningitis one. Just before this the GP checked his testes and Thomas giggled and said (oh so clearly) ‘Oh, I like that part’. He was most unhappy about the jabs though and called the GP a stupid doctor and said he was completely fed-up. Poor wee man. We had a quick visit with the health visitor next. They do a 4 year check here so we played along. Thomas started building the blocks into a tower and counting them before the HV finished saying hello to me. She asked him if he knew any letters and he proceeded to spell his name phonetically. She asked about school and nursery and wondered how I would cope with more than one at home. She was even more surprised when I told her Duncan wasn’t at school anymore. She asked if he was seeing any professionals and what they thought of this. I told her how the clinical psychologist though it was great! HA!

The other BIG news is that we had an important delivery on Monday- Zeebad has arrived, praise all that’s good!
Duncan immediately latched onto a new requirement – Henrietta the coach. It is never ending. Ah well, he’s been very happy with Zeebad and has carried him everywhere.
I had a nice present too, I asked him for a kiss one day, so he kissed me then turned away murmuring, as if it was an afterthought, ‘love you Mummy’. I think it’s the first time he’s said that without hearing me say it to him first. It’s nice anyway and made me smile :-).

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