21 Feb 2006

A wee bit of a boast

We had some friends over to play a few days ago, including a little 4 year old boy. He got angry with his mum when they had to leave and she had him do a short ‘time out’. He was still really grouchy when they were getting into the car and Lady ran out to say goodbye. When she came back she said that she had made him and his mum friends again. She had said to her friend that he should apologise to his mum for shouting at her (or whatever it was, I didn’t notice) . She told him that if they (he and his mum) didn’t become friends again he would feel bad all the way home because they love each other really. She said it was like when I asked her to make up with Thomas last week when she’d been having a really bad day with him.

You know, it’s things like this that make me really proud of her.


alison said...

Aw :) It’s lovely to see when they show that kind of thoughtfulness :)

Erm - your blogring box has disappeared? (Nice new WP template btw!)

amanda said...

That’s really sweet.