16 Feb 2006

Baa Baa

This morning I helped Duncan get dressed in his school clothes, fixed him some breakfast and packed his school bag. Then when we’d added coats and shoes, he climbed onto my back, I picked up his bag, and we set off down the road to meet his school bus. I sat on the low wall, he sat on my lap, pulled his hood up and snuggled in to me. Then we waited. I knew we weren’t late; we saw the fast train pass and the boy listening to his I-pod who always gives us a miniscule nod and the man from the house across the road leave for work in his pick-up truck. But we waited and waited until my backside was getting numb and I gave up and went home. Later I phoned the school to let them know Duncan wasn’t coming in as his bus hadn’t arrived. The secretary said that was because the school was closed for half-term.
...I felt sheepish.


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elderfairy said...

Aaah. Bless your cotton socks. That is so cute. Please don’t be offended, but that is so so so cute. The fact that you were both just grooving along having a good time together..beautiful.