27 Feb 2006

I NOT go to school today

Well there you have it. Gordon wanted me to try to get Duncan back to school today. So at 7.20, I woke him and asked him what he wanted for breakfast. But without even seeing his uniform, my smart boy was on to me. He knows, I suppose, that I only ever wake him when I have to get him out to the bus since I’m a bit lazy. He looked at me suspiciously and said ‘NO school. I NOT go to school today. I want home.’ I offered to drive him in the car, telling him Mummy, Lady and Thomas would come too. I told him he would have lots of fun at home after school. But he was adamant.
I talked to Gordon about it and he agrees that we cannot force Duncan into school against his will. So he’s outta there! I have a bit of officialdom to deal with but the real big stumbling block was to make this decision for ourselves, with everyone agreeing that it is the best way forward.
It’ll be interesting to hear what other friends and relatives have to say!

I am delighted! He communicated so effectively. I’m so proud of him. That might well be his first ever 6 word sentence and it just came out of a desire to let us know what he was thinking. It appears that his ‘no intervention’ therapy is working very well ;-)


merry said...

toot toot - welcome aboard the home ed train then!
*goes off to lie in darkened room*

Sharon said...

Yes, we’re proper home-educators now, or will be when we’ve made some flubber and grown some grass heads!