21 Jul 2008

Wall-E, water and wooded walks.

I hadn't heard of Wall-E until seeing the trailer when I took Lady and Thomas to see Prince Caspian at the cinema. Wow! How had I missed it? It was clearly a masterpiece, and I was very keen to watch it. So we headed off to an early screening on Saturday, hoping the cinema would be less busy then, which it was.

I loved the film; beautiful, touching, hopeful. Duncan sat enthralled for almost all of it, getting a bit jittery towards the end. I did prefer the beginning too, the unspoken action easily understood by everyone, including little autistic boys. But the closing credits brought a few tears to my eyes.

On the spur of the moment, we headed to the Lisburn swimming pool yesterday morning. We've been once before, years ago, and only went this time as our local pool, where I bring the children during term times, doesn't open until 2 on Sundays. We took a wrong turn and had to drive around the city (titter) before finding the place.

Gordon and I took turns to tail Duncan. There are slides and whirlpools and a river thing and pirate ships. It's a great place and we all had a blast. Duncan was too scared to go around the river at first, but as usual, when he felt ready he gave it a go, clinging to my back (and neck, ouch) like a limpet, then increasing in bravery, just holding the tips of my fingers, then telling me to move away altogether. We spent the last half of our time there just floating round and round in the current.

Back home, Gordon cooked; Johnny cakes (adapted recipe, with turmeric and garlic) with callaloo and salt-fish. There are advantages to being part of a "mash-up" family.

We took Pippi for a walk, in behind the train tracks, there's a beautiful woodland path leading back home though a small grove of young oak trees. We only discovered the place a few months ago. Duncan recited "Going on Bear Hunt" as we walked, and Pippi revelled in the smells and sights, bounding with joy and enthusiasm until we got back on the road when she just gave up and had to be coaxed back.

Before bed, and dressed in pyjamas and wellies, sporting yellow goggles from the dressing-up box, and (for reasons known only to himself) an Indian feather head-dress, Duncan declared he was Wall-E and that he needed some rubbish to clear.

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