1 Jul 2008

Summer Justification

Yesterday was the first day of the summer holidays for all the children who go to school. I was none too surprised then when the door bell started to ring shortly after 10 to see when my children would be going out to play. Their friends like to hang out here too. Pippi is a big attraction. The puppy care books all emphasise the importance of ensuring your pup has as much exposure to different people and situations as possible at this age. There's no denying Pippi is growing up well used to children!

At one stage the front of our house was littered with bikes and scooters. It looked like we'd been invaded, and in a way we had!

We've been trying to bring some order to our domain. We've had two bedrooms painted and cleared out some of the junk from the garage. Gordon and Duncan took a pile of stuff to be recycled. As Duncan sat in the car waiting to go, he turned on the radio and after pressing a few buttons, failed to find something worth listening too. He asked me to, "put on Justin, number 5, in the shower."

I knew what he meant. A few months back I'd been playing the Justin Timberlake CD many times while driving. Is this a guilty pleasure? I like Justin and his stuff makes me want to dance like an ejit, but when he tries to do sexy I laugh, 'cause he looks to me a bit like a grown up Duncan, all cute curls and big eyes. What do you think?

Anyway, Duncan was requesting track 5, "Cry me a river" which starts with the sound of a shower. He was most happy when I complied.

Perhaps he senses a connection?


kristina said...

Hmmmm.....now that you mention it......

Club 166 said...

It's great that you have so many kids coming by. There just aren't that many in our neighborhood (though thankfully there are two that are of a suitable age that moved in across the street).

And I agree with the resemblance.