22 Jul 2008

The gang

Lady wanted to know why there aren't many recent pictures of her on here. Fair point.

So here are summer snaps of each of them. That handsome fella is my dad.

You happy now girl?

Notice Thomas is wearing a football top. Two of my four brothers support Manchester United, one is a Liverpool fan and one doesn't really care, but sorta prefers Aston Villa. The fans were competing to indoctrinate Thomas into their own particular tribe (since neither me nor their dad give a monkey's). Thomas went with the uncle who is also his godfather. Well the guy has to have some role in shaping the child, and the one prescribed 6 years ago doesn't really apply with us any more. To solidify his victory, uncle B. immediately presented Thomas with a Man. U. shirt.

So though he knows nothing of the sport, Thomas is now a Man. U. fan.


Manuel said...

result! good work!

Sharon said...

Can I take it you're a fan of the grumpy Scot and his boys?

Maddy said...

One of my daughter's has the same 'complaint.'

Sharon said...

Oh really Maddy, aren't they fond of seeing themselves published!