10 Aug 2006

Lady is 8 today!

Happy Birthday!!!

How did that happen, one minute she's just been born, eyes wide, looking round, assessing the situation; next minute (or so it seems) she's a tall, strong girl growing and learning and making me proud.

She lies on the floor with her little brothers and tells them long, convoluted stories using their toy trains. She plays chase with Duncan as she knows it's his favourite game. She sits up in her room watching The Sound of Music with Thomas, the 2 of them belting out the songs together. She still likes to dress up and play with dolls. She makes dens with the boys and reads to them (they love Cat in the Hat). Having spent so much time together, they are all good friends. She can make friends with children much younger and much older than herself. She has not been exposed to the idea that only people born in 1998 can be her friends. She draws pictures most days, of herself with her brothers or of Gordon and me, and writes little love notes and puts them under our bedroom door to find when we're going to bed. She loves her JuJitsu and is determined to keep at it and get a black belt. She has loved going to summer scheme and has made friends with a gang of children there. They've been swimming every day and going down to the beach where she makes collections of shells and stones.

She is kind and considerate of others. She understands and loves Duncan and always stands up for him. She doesn't wish he wasn't autistic, she knows that he just is as he is. She can tell me when I'm doing the wrong thing or am not being fair on one of the boys, and when I mess up and tell her I'm sorry, she immediately forgives and rushes to hug me. She holds no grudges.

She is clever and learning well. She is a Harry Potter super-fan and knows the books inside-out. She loves history and science, especially learning about the body. I love seeing the progress and learning with her. It is wonderful to have her around to share this.

When she was a baby, Gordon and I would keep staring at her while she slept, and we'd whisper 'we made her!' in awe. We're still in awe when we look at her.

Our lovely Lady (who's real name is much nicer!).


Hazel said...

Happy Birthday Lady!

Jude and Sam also leaves love notes on our pillow. Its the lovliest thing to find when going to bed. Jude even leaves us chocolates on the pillow.
Ahh they grow up so fast, don't they.

See you all on Saturday!

Kristina Chew said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Thanks for sharing about such a lovely young Lady, indeed.

Kev said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Dead right shes amazing!! we always knew that. When I think back to the day that you told me you were pregnant, it really doesn't seem that long ago. Hope her and the boys have a brilliant day on Saturday.
LOL Cathy xxxx

Clare said...

She sounds like a lovely girl. Happy birthday to her.


ps. It's also my autistic step-brother's birthday on the 10th - he's 23 and about to get married to his fiancee whom he met on the internet. They live in Russia - he had a Russia obsession, so much so that he taught himself Russian(!!!) and found a way to meet Russian people online. His fiancee is lovely. Sadly we can't go to his wedding, but they're hoping to have a blessing over here next summer. Sorry that was so long - I just saw that your son was autistic and thought it might be of interest to you!

Ruth said...

Happy birthday to you Lady.

Sharon said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.
Lady was delighted to read them.

I'm very happy for your step-brother Clare, and wish him a lovely day for his wedding and all the best for a happy marriage. (So who says special interests can't get you anywhere!)