14 Aug 2006

Birthday weekend

We've just had a weekend of birthday celebrations.

Lady took some little cakes to summer scheme on Thursday and she had a little birthday party with some of her friends there. She also went on a trip to W5, and had great fun dressing up in a lab coat to make flubber.

When I went to pick her up, she was whispering to one of the little boys. She told me they'd been discussing who fancies whom. Apparently she fancies Sammy, Andrew fancies Jessica and Erin fancies someone else...she's only 8, is this for real!

Gordon's Mum came over to have dinner with us. We had Lady's favourite, a Chinese takeaway, and I'd baked a small chocolate birthday cake. On Friday, we all went to the Folk and Transport Museums. Gordon's Mum came with us and she thought it was all great. Everyone enjoyed the day; Duncan ran lots as usual!

In one of the museum cottages, there is an open fire below a huge chimney. Duncan stood staring at the fire and looking up the chimney for ages, then he started reciting some lines and pretending to sneeze. I realised he was thinking of Disney's Pinocchio, the scene where they light a fire in the wale's belly.

We had a proper party for Lady on Saturday. Lots of friends came over, as well as my dad and step-mum, Gordon cooked and I baked and we all had a lovely day. Lady got lots of great gifts. The house and garden were full of children running around having fun. Lady really liked her friend J and the 2 girls spent the day together, usually with Lady's guinea pigs in their arms. Daisy and Crookshanks had no shortage of attention! It's so nice to gather friends and entertain. My extended family are great at that sort of thing. We really must do it more often.

On Sunday, it was my mother-in-law's birthday, so Gordon took her out for lunch in a posh restaurant. Lady went too. She wore a pretty pink dress she'd received the day before as a birthday present, and I fixed her hair in 8 plaits. Lady enjoyed the experience, even if she only ate the desert!


Emma said...

All the birthday celebrations sound great. It sounds as if Lady's had a wonderful time :-)

Sharon said...

Thanks Emma, she really did!