1 Oct 2009

Forge ahead

I've neglected to blog much over the past 2 months, and have been thinking about what I want to write here. I feel like I share too much sometimes, but also that there's much that I keep hidden. The past few months have been a time of personal reflection on what it is I need and want and how I can raise my children in an atmosphere of love and possibility. In recent years I have reconsidered many of my values and ideas about the world and with new insight, have discarded many assumptions and taken new notions on-board. This is the real voyage, it's scary and exciting but it will continue as long as live. I hope.

Polar Star
Photo owned by wili_hybrid (cc)

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Jean said...

there's never a danger we'll get bored on this voyage! apologies for the cliche, but it's a marthon, not a sprint xxx