1 Jun 2009

Just popping off for a while

We'll be leaving in a few minutes. I've got everything ready; it's lots easier when there are only 2 of you. The boarding passes etc. have been printed, and I have made a cute little badge for Duncan to wear with a picture of some Finding Nemo characters and the words, "awesome autistic dude!"

Duncan is pleased that the Thomas & friends book he had asked for finally came from Amazon so he can carry it with him. I've just got a small rucksack with our stuff in and he's taking a tiny bag with a few books and toys. Thankfully, the forecast is for pleasant, sunny days, hooray!

I had a lovely time in London. Caught up with a couple of my besest friends in the world (BFF as Lady says) and enjoyed the sun and celebrations with my sister, 2 of the brothers and various friends. Her birthday was well and truly marked in style. She is as beautiful and delightful in every way as ever. I drank more champagne than in all the rest of my life combined, much of it in cocktails. So good.

Thanks for all the good luck comments on the last post. No doubt there'll be a report on the proceedings when we return.


Casdok said...

Have fun!

abfh said...

Hope you have a great time!

Gonzo said...

Enjoy yourselves!!