6 Aug 2008

Odd stories

Last autumn, Duncan had a Kinder Surprise egg, and the toy inside was a blue alien, at the time known as "Japanese boy."

Unfortunately, he lost the toy and we bought many, many more eggs always hoping to find another. We never found the blue one, only a couple of his siblings/colleagues. But a few weeks ago, Duncan showed me an Ebay listing for the much sought after blue alien toy. Can you imagine that there are people out there selling the junk toys found inside Kinder eggs? But then, mugs like me come along and buy them. Yes, I forked out good money for this thing, and was glad I did as it made my boy so very happy.

Since then, it's been renamed. The blue alien is now known as Oliver Companies, and his mates are Roger and Siver. They get up to all sorts of japes, some of which involve Thomas the Tank engines, Super Mario and his brother, as well as rascal eighties kids TV star, Tiny from Tots TV.

Duncan asked me to make a few books about them. Today he helped me make a film about the books. The stories are, um...original. Anyway, they make me smile.


Maddy said...

Very impressive. We've certainly followed that route too. I'm equally as impressed that you managed to put text onto Utube, highly advances skills in my humble opinion.

bullet said...

What wonderful stories :D. I sincerely hope the nasty hiccups met their comeuppance!

r.b. said...

Around the third or fourth grade, my Ben used to create comics for all his school projects and just for fun. I treasure them now! Be sure to keep Duncan's comics, you won't be sorry! (Heck, you can just look them up on you-tube!)

I think they were the only projects from school he really enjoyed doing. At age 14, he refuses to do them anymore :(

Allie said...

They're great. I have an ardent comic maker here too!

Mom to JBG said...

Wow, those stories have a little something for everyone.

About searching Ebay... I'm embarrassed to think of the time and money I've spent searching for lost favorite toys: Lilo, a fire truck, a yellow "Peek-a-Block", a wooden penguin and a hippo named Sprinkles. The amazing thing is that you can usually find them!

Iheartfashion said...

Great story!
I can relate to buying junk on eBay. My kids are Kinder egg toy collectors as well and we've been searching all over. It seems you can't get them in the U.S. except at Easter.

Hammie said...

Fair Play! And god bless those people who collect kinder toys and happy meal toys and sell them on ebay. And god bless all the people who still sell videos on ebay too.
Sharon it is lovely to meet you. I will be seeing you again soon.

Sharon said...

Thanks all of you for you comments. It's nice to see some new (to me) names too.

I love the collection of stuff you've sought after Mom to JBG. Very eclectic!

Iheartfashion and Hammie, yep indeed, thank the master of the web for ebay. Oh and charity shops are great for junk toys and videos, but when it had to be something specific, only ebay will do.