21 May 2008

Springtime news

Duncan has found a new form of artistic expression; modelling clay. We bought a few blocks of stuff that can be baked and he got to work. The first time I over cooked and blackened it but since then we've got the hang of it and now Duncan can make and bake his sculptures (with supervision). All these he made from memory.

This is one of the first things he made. It's Po from the Teletubbies. Of course, observant people will have known that just by looking at the little telly in the tummy.

Then he made a model of the train from the Disneyland Paris's Big Thunder Mountain train.

He made Casey Jr, the train from Dumbo.

The next item, he told me, is a "mometer, like in Madagascar." I thought it was some sort of snake from the film, so asked for further clarification. "It's a mometer, for medicine. Like Melman in Madagascar." Oh, it's a ther-mometer. He has since learnt the correct pronunciation of the word, having practised it many times.

But my favourite, is the EasyJet aeroplane. He has the wings, engines, tail and even the writing on the side; esy jet!

We've been enjoying the warmer weather and spending much more time outdoors. Lady took the camera out and snapped her brothers playing. I love the picture of Duncan, in which you see Lady's reflection in the window and the weird looking shot of Thomas looking like an alien, with Lady reflected in his eyes!

Further news on the dog question; our local animal sanctuary, where we got our 2 guinea pigs, have decided not to let us adopt one of their dogs because we home educate and have not had dogs before. They don't see how I could find the time to look after a dog when I am so involved with my children. It's ridiculous. There are all these dogs who are put to sleep all over Ireland daily, and they could ensure at least one gets a chance at a home but irrational prejudice prevents it. I explained to them that HE usually takes no more time than parenting a school child, who needs to be dropped off and lifted from school as well as packed lunches prepared, uniforms readied, supervision of homework, attendance at school meetings, and often helping out in the classroom or on school trips.
Thankfully, another rescue organisation has approved our application so I hope we'll find a good canine match through them.

Other family news; Thomas and Lady have new bikes, and Duncan will get his at the weekend. Neither Thomas nor Duncan had ever ridden a proper two wheel bike before. They have been bombing about on a cheap little trainer bike that has two wheels but no pedals, just getting the hang of balancing and steering it. It wasn't much of a surprise when they both mastered riding the proper bike within 3 minutes! So I took them to the park yesterday to have a good long ride each and to learn how to use the brakes properly. They did great!


Bev said...

How completely bizzare and lacking in logic is that? People who are "involved" with their children are the same ones who will be involved with pets, not ignore or neglect them. I would think the idea of homeschooling would be appealing to someone wanting to place a dog. I imagine the dog being incorporated in the process as the children learn about another species firsthand and the life skills needed to care for pets. The fact that you are home with them and not at work all day while the dog sits alone, there are so many obvious benefits.

I'm glad you found another, more reasonable organization. I can only hope that the first animal shelter has a long waiting list of people wanting to adopt, and so can afford to be picky in all the wrong ways.

Sharon said...

Too right Bev. I have been visiting their premises frequently for months, talking to staff about our family and our suitability and taking dogs out for walks to exercise them and to familiarise the children with dogs. It bugs me that they couldn't have told us about this irrational rule earlier.

I reckon there's a dash of disabilsm here too that they are not owning up to. While the woman was talking to me during the home visit, Duncan was trying to get my attention and repeatedly asking me to come out to the street to watch him ride his bike. He knows he's not allowed out alone. After a few minutes I asked the woman if she minded talking at the front of the house so he could ride under supervision; a reasonable accommodation and a happy boy. She remarked on Duncan and asked if he had a learning disability. I told her he's autistic. She asked if I'd watched a tv show about how a dog helped an autistic boy, which I had (and disliked) and she gave her opinion that Duncan "is not anything like as bad as that boy." Well, umm, whatever you say lady! Still, I think they have sucked up the "autism ruins lives" mantra and can't see how I could possible have time or inclination to take on another life to care for.

Bree said...

Wow , Duncans clay art is absolutely fabulous. Hes very artistic.

I cant believe the dog sanctuary are discriminating against you because you home educate. I'm pretty sure they shouldnt be allowed to get away with that. Do they discriminate against people who work too?

Club 166 said...

I think you are being much too generous in thinking that this may be a case of disablism. It sounds pretty blatant to me.

But I understand that you only have so much energy to fight so many battles.

What ignorant clods!


Sharon said...

Thanks Bree, I like his clay art too.

That animal sanctuary will not put a dog in a home where someone is out most of every day, and they tell everyone this from the outset. The first question they ask when you visit the place is "who is at home during the day?" so full-time workers know they cannot adopt. I still think that is my kids went to school we'd be able to adopt. I asked the woman that very question but she avoided answering it.

Joe, I think the home-ed was their main problem area so can't be too sure how the autism affected their decision.

Ed said...

I agree about that agency really doing the wrong thing.

I know your life is full and it takes a lot of effort to do your job but pets can generate a lot of love and add positive energy to a situation where humans are otherwise the only ones involved. I would imagine that could at times lighten the load.

I think you and your family would give a great home to a pet.