1 Dec 2007

Duncan's picture video

I wrote a few days ago about Duncan's computer art. He has focused on these pictures for hours this week. He usually runs 3 programs at once, a YouTube film, Dogz4 and Windows Paint. He draws pictures and scrolls through them in time to the music from one of the videos.

Yesterday we worked together to out his latest creations into a video. He picked the song 'Hawaiian Roller Coaster' from Disney's 'Lilo and Stitch' as his soundtrack. He didn't know at first that the song mentions roller coasters, he just liked the tune.

Anyway, here's what he produced.


Anonymous said...

Those are very good. What an active mind! Rose

Steve D said...

I smiled all the way through this video. Its a classic! Way to go, Duncan! :)

Trevor said...

Hi Sharon. Finally got around to leaving a comment. We all watched your video and really enjoyed,especially C. Don't know how Duncan and you created the images,but well done!