4 Dec 2006

Dancing with Happy Feet

Lady had another grading in Jujitsu on Saturday, and has gained her yellow belt. She's so happy and proud, as are all the rest of us. When she came home with Gordon, Thomas ran over to hug her and congratulated her; it was really nice.
Apart from that I had a great morning out alone having my hair cut at a fancy place and I'm really starting to look forward to our trip away now.

Yesterday morning we all went to see Happy Feet at the cinema. I enjoyed it at first, it was all very sweet and a bit Moulin Rouge like, and the cute, odd penguin dancing to Stevie Wonder was fun to watch. But, I wish we'd all left at least half an hour before the end; it really dragged on, Robin William's voice-over was annoying and some characterisations were kinda racist and the whole environmental theme was way over the heads of almost all the children watching. Why can't more children's films just be pitched at, what do you call them again, oh yeah - children! It would have been better to preach just one worthy message while entertaining with a nice story. Oh and one more thing, at the end (sorry if this spoils it for anyone) the humans decide to quit their destruction, because of how cute the dancing penguins are, so basically, the elephant seals, who can neither sing nor dance and nor look anything close to cute, well they're totally effed!

Anyway, while we were watching it, my own little Mumble was wriggling about, walking up and down the side aisle (the cinema was only about 20% full) and he kept dancing along, doing the jiggly feet thing and all! It was funny to see his timely demonstration that some children dance instead of singing; we did like the neurodiverse penguin thing. He also lay in the aisle for a bit and then as it went on for far too long and he (and Thomas) lost all interest, he ran to the exit and started to chew his top before stripping down to his vest. I did move about the cinema a fair bit to stay near him.

Later Gordon went shopping and came home with an inflatable punch bag (oh, and the eggs, milk, juice, tea etc. too!) That was a big hit (boom boom!) Lady started demonstrating her martial arts skills; I haven't seen her do it for a while and I was well impressed at how good she looked, but then, she is a yellow belt now ;-)
Thomas and Duncan just enjoyed bashing the bejaysus out of it. Duncan for some reason keeps trying to lie on it and quoting from Finding Nemo, specifically, 'swim down, swim down.' I'm not getting the connection at all yet.

So anyway, I'm lying in bed typing this before starting my day. I've got to tidy and clean like crazy, make it appear half decent for my dad and step-mum who, like angels, are looking after the children when we go away - tomorrow. Woo hoo!


Helen said...

Is that bit from Nemo not when Marlin is riding on the turtle and he has to swim down into the current? Maybe Duncan is riding on the turtle?

Hazel said...

I thought the swim down bit was when Nemo saves all those fish from the fishing boat by getting them to swim down. Dont know what it has to do with a punch bag though.

Jax said...

congrats Lady on the grading.

Natalia said...

inflatable punch bag looks like an inflatable dinghyboat, maybe?

Sharon said...

Hi Natalia
It could be that, but I think he just likes the feel of sitting on it; he does that every time he plays with it now.